We are a Czech jewellery manufacturer with a truly international scope, we design and manufacture women’s, men’s and children’s jewellery.

With the experience of our skilled jewellers and our own production, we are able to offer jewellery manufacture to brands, licence holders and designers all over the world. We have subsidiaries located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK and Japan. We also operate in Vietnam via business representatives.

We combine traditional skills and craftmanship with modern manufacturing technologies, allowing us the ability to offer almost endless possibilities to our clients

Thanks to our own in-house design studios and development team; we are able to design and develop jewellery in an almost unlimited variety of patterns and shapes.







All our jewellery is produced in our own production facility in the Czech Republic, to the highest quality, from 925 sterling silver, 14ct and 18ct gold.

In 2019 we made a large re-investment in both new technologies as well as moving to our new purpose made production facilities. This investment has increased our ability to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers.

We use only high-quality raw materials and anti- allergic coatings without any undesirable additives. PRAQIA jewellery does not contain harmful substances such as nickel or cadmium. Therefore, our jewellery is safe and suitable for children as well.

We produce the majority of our jewellery using a unique laser cutting process. This allows us to achieve an almost filigree fineness and a high level of detail.

Due to the laser technology we use, we are able to produce specialised engraving on your products. The options are almost limitless and can take the form of simple engraving through to the accurate and high-quality reproduction of brand names and logos, photographs or QR codes. This technology also allows us to engrave many stunning and eye-catching surface effects which help to make your jewellery stand out.

After the laser-cutting process our sterling silver jewellery is then polished and given a surface finish, either of pure silver or rhodium. The jewellery is then worked on by our experienced and skilled jewellers, who perform further steps such as.

  • Shaping
  • Assembly and welding
  • Addition of colours
  • Addition of stones or crystals from Swarovski®
  • Cleaning & polishing
  • Packaging

Although we are able to produce in both 14ct and 18ct gold, our speciality is in the manufacturing, treatment and supply of 925 Sterling Silver jewellery. We only work with the highest quality materials from trusted sources.

  • High Volume production capacity to meet client’s and market demands.
  • Management of allocated teams that can produce large quantities on a daily basis
  • Production optimising at each step of the process through technology.
  • Experienced quality control personnel ensuring consistency.
  • Technological support to produce jewellery at competitive costs.
  • Quality focused, hand-finished, all production done in-house.
  • Team management and technical skills focusing on modern machinery and technology, including specialty surface finishes.
  • Consistent quality in products and materials.

  • PRAQIA believes that desirability and sustainability can exist in harmony. Our activities involve the procurement and processing of natural resources and as such, this places upon us a direct obligation towards the environment.
  • We don’t want to produce products that harm the environment or the people in our supply chain. Every decision that we make, however small is informed by these principles.
  • All our raw materials are sourced ethically through a long-term supplier who as well as having their own environmental and sustainability charters are also part of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) which is a global organisation that monitor, inspect and award accreditation based on sustainability, codes of practice and environmental impact. This also includes the use of re-cycled silver in the production of raw materials.
  • The RJC operates a stringent ‘Code of Practices’ – which are verified through a third party, independent, certification process. Adoption and adherence with the RJC’s Code of Practices presents a pathway for companies to address sustainability best practices and align with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Whilst upholding our tradition of supplying quality jewellery, and conducting our business in a profitable manner, Praqia will continually assess and develop our environmental impact, efforts and strategy.
  • We will:
    • Design our products so that their environmental impact during manufacture is diminished.
    • Use raw materials, water and energy efficiently, in order to diminish our effect on the environment.
    • Ongoing reduction of emissions and waste from our activities.
    • Identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our activities at an early stage and adopt these changes where appropriate.
    • Maintain high standards of safety at work for our employees whilst promoting staff awareness of environmental issues and encouraging responsible attitudes towards the environment.
    • Co-operation with our suppliers, customers and other business partners to achieve higher environmental standards.
  • Praqia care about the environment and we are committed to continuous improvement to reduce, re-use, recycle and also to create sustainable solutions:
    • We conserve energy wherever possible:
    • Turn off all electrical appliances and computer equipment when not in use, not leaving them on standby.
    • Use rechargeable batteries for all our mobile appliances
    • Waste minimisation and recycling
    • We reduce, re-use and recycle waste materials, where-ever possible.
    • Recycle waste – paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, all metals, computer parts and all packaging.
    • Return toner cartridges to suppliers and in turn use recycled toner cartridges
    • Re-use printed paper for internal work.
  • Minimise paper use by storing information digitally rather than paper files and using email wherever possible.
  • Use 100% recycled paper for printing and stationary products where possible

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