PRAQIA understands designers, as after all, we are also designers of our own range of products

This therefore gives us the ability to offer unparalleled help and advice when working with designers in bringing their designs to life. We take on board your ideas, feelings and concepts and use our jewellery manufacturing knowledge and skills to translate them into products.

Our technical and development teams work in hand in hand to support designers. We work with you every step of the way ensuring that the correct balance of initial design and manufacturing processes are brought together to arrive at the common goal of producing your jewellery in the best way to ensure maximum added value.

We can also provide support by offering marketing and branding advice for designers. We believe that the support that we can offer designers is one more reason that makes PRAQIA, the right manufacturing partner.


Effective production can only be achieved through experience and the ability to understand a designer’s goals. We provide value by keeping our production consistent.

Our experienced and skilled staff allow us to create unique and affordable products, following your design requirements, by using materials, surface textures, production techniques and new technologies.


Every jewellery collection starts with prototype development. As part of our collaboration we can assist to develop a finished prototype from your drawing board. We do this by:

• Producing working drawings from svg .eps .ai .cdr files received.
• Producing sample products, with our highly skilled in-house team.
• Optimising your designs for competitive and streamlined production.


We know that IP protection is key when working with designers. We operate a strict in-house process ensuring the safety and protection of your IP. We have policies, methods of communication, processes and contracts where applicable. This level of IP protection is provided to our customers as an added benefit and common practice.


Our quality and consistency focused production allows us to ensure that concepts can be manufactured efficiently. We understand that production costs are key to a successful manufacturing partnership and our experienced and skilled Czech craftsman, produce quality products whilst keeping it affordable. Our understanding of jewellery production and more than 20 years’ experience turns concepts into reality when producing your final products.

PRAQIA consistently explores new technologies. Technology is used to diversify options, decrease production times and to ensure the highest levels of continued quality.
Our innovative approach to problem solving has been one of the strengths that has given us the ability to grow as a company.

We galvanise our products and give our silver jewellery an extra coating of pure silver or rhodium dependant on the wishes of the client or based on our recommendation. In our alloys we do not use Cadmium, Lead, Nickel or any prohibited and harmful materials. Therefore, our jewellery is safe and suitable for children as well.

Our production staff are experts in the addition of textured finishes through specialised engraving techniques. Should you require a textured surface, our team can help to choose the best solution for the you as well as discussing the available options..

We also work with synthetic stones, predominantly with crystals from Swarovski®. If required, we can produce your jewellery product embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. They can provide lustre and can be faceted like any gemstone. A unique alternative for fashion. All PRAQIA stones are sourced from trusted partners.

Also called „resin“ or „cold enamels“ this is an easy way to addition colours to a metal surface. This differs from the original “fire enamels” which were originally made by melting glass which required the use of high temperature ovens in order to obtain a workable enamel. Now the use of „cold enamels“ means that there is no need for melting.

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